Modal-X is a dynamically priced, door-to-door Intermodal product that targets transactional freight opportunities. Modal-X utilizes the strength of the Norfolk Southern Intermodal network and the operating efficiency of Thoroughbred Direct Intermodal Services (TDIS) in select lanes.

Each Day, NS and TDIS offer door-to-door Intermodal transportation for purchase via the internet to transportation companies looking for next day pick ups. The Intermodal ramp pairs are defined on the website, and customers can request transportation from and to any location.

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TDIS invites you to explore the Modal-X website and contact us with any questions. Please note that customers moving freight for the first time with TDIS must complete our credit application and sign our customer contract before tendering the load. Please submit completed documents to tdiscredit@ns-direct.com.TDIS reserves the right to reject any load purchased on Modal-X if the customer has exceeded their credit limit or is not in good financial standing with TDIS.Any special paperwork requirements must be expressed in the Memo field on the Buy Form as well as in writing on the load tender.
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